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Geneva Annual Blockchain Congress « From lab to market »


On January 21st, 2019, the Geneva Annual Blockchain Congress will open, organized by Palexpo SA, Geneva's congress and exhibition center, in close contact with the canton of Geneva.

By tackling blockchain technology in terms of practical applications for the market, the Geneva Annual Blockchain Congress is a major congress that brings together existing customers and future providers. Thus, business leaders, public authorities and ONGs will be able to take advantage of this day to consider the evolution of their business model, the legality and the ethics of the perspectives presented and the training of their employees.

On January 21st, more than 40 speakers will be present including five experts in the field: Don Tapscott, Patrick Odier, Daniel Haudenschild, Jarod Koopman and Carlos Moreira.

They will address issues related to the blockchain universe, such as legality, governance and ethics. The purpose of this conference is to offer to the Decision Makers a day of reflection on this new technology and the issues that will arise from it.

Geneva Annual Blockchain Congress  « From lab to market »

From CHF 490 to CHF 890
Route François-Peyrot 30
Route François-Peyrot 30
1218 Centre de congrès et d’exposition de Genève à Palexpo
08H30 - 17H30