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Salon De Cartigny-Geneva 04.11.2019
Musee d`art et d`histoire invites us to discover gems of neoclassicism in Salon De Cartigny.  Salon De Cartigny is a part of the permanent exposition on the 0 floor of the museum and has 60 pieces of...
NO PHOTO-Geneva-14 October 2019
Exposition NO PHOTO in Maison Tavel Color my Geneva has visited an amazing exhibition in Maison Tavel dedicated to the first photographers. In the caves of Geneva one of the oldest buildings you will...
Historical Apero in Geneva
There are so many ways of how to spend evening in Geneva. We would like to introduce you different type of leisure. It is something more than just having fun. To go to a museum may sound boring, but...
Geneva by Mathilde - sélection - Genève mars 2019 - événements sorties soirées
Hi there! My name is Mathilde and I’m a journalist for Color my Geneva. Every other month, I’m going to share with you three new places that caught my attention. With colder weather comes the need to...
Carouge Candy shop - découverte - Genève février 2019 - événements sorties soirées
If you like candy as much as we do, this article is for you. In the heart of Carouge, Jellyfish is a cute little shop filled with candies from all of Europe. But these candies are not your usual...
fondue Geneva - sélection - Genève février 2019 - événements sorties soirées
If you’ve seen our latest video, you know that the CmG team loves fondue and will go the extra mile to eat one. So before spring arrives and fondue season is over, why not indulge in a pot of...
breakfast Geneva - selection - Genève novembre 2018 - événements sorties soirées
Mornings are the perfect moment to take your time and relax before rushing to complete all of the items on your to-do list. While some people prefer having some quiet me-time, others enjoy having the...
where-celebrate-halloween-sélection-Genève octobre 2018-événements-sorties-soirées
Do costumes and candies make you shiver with excitement for the Halloween festivities to start? You’re not alone. But do you actually know the history of this ghostly tradition? We often see...
do it yourself DIY - lifestyle - Genève - Septembre - 2018 - événement sortie soirée
DIYs are all the rage at the moment. Whether you like surrounding yourself with homemade goods or you want to reduce your waste, Geneva offers a variety of workshops. Learn how to make pretty much...
Geneva’s Barbershops - september 2018 - advices bon plan loisirs sortie
New barbershops keep popping out in Geneva and if you sometimes wander in its beautiful streets you probably have spotted a few. These small shops are settling in everywhere in the canton. They’re...
Geneva’s Boat Tours
When warmer weather arrives in Geneva, everbody rushes to the lake to sunbath, have a drink with friends and enjoy a refreshing swim. What if we took things a little bit further and pretended we’re...
latinos restaurants - Genève 2018 - evenements sortie soiree
Geneva is becoming more and more multicultural every day, as proves the increasing diversity of cuisines that can be tasted in local restaurants. If the warmer weather makes you want to go on a...
A day to discover what's news in Geneva - December 2017 - événement sortie soirée
Do you have the impression that you are always going to the same restaurants and bars? Yet, new places open in Geneva keep opening in Geneva. Color My Geneva selected 5 just for you. Follow the guide...
New Year – New years eve- selection - geneva – december – 2017 – event – evening
    It’s already time to say goodbye to 2017 and to welcome 2018 with open arms ! At Color my Geneva, it was another wonderful year : we reached 5000 likes on Facebook and 10'000 followers on...
10 must-see places on the right bank of Geneva
This is the second part of our article published 2 weeks ago. Today we explore the right bank (rive droite) of Geneva!   1. The botanical garden   Did you know that the botanical garden used to be in...