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10 reasons to follow Color my Geneva on social media


We ensure our independence

People appreciate our independence based on our choices and advices about Geneva. It reinforces our credibility and the quality of our work.


We share all our exclusives

In 2016, we offered the possibility to our community to participate on a magic event in the bus Color my Geneva, to have fun on the Bateau Genève for our birthday, to actively participate on the building of our new website through a crowdfunding campaign and to win plenty of invitations to enjoy Geneva’s entertainment during the year.


We respect our values

All our decisions are driven by our 5 common values. We have sworn an oath and have vowed to remain faithful to them: sharing, diversity, dynamism, interactivity & innovation.


We have convictions

Our mission is to daily demonstrate the cultural wealth in Geneva and around. We truly think that you will not have one minute if you were aware about the hidden effervescence of Geneva.


Our community is growing

Yesterday we were 5, today our community counts more than 10’000 people, how knows how many tomorrow?


Our tastes are various

Based on a cosmopolite city like Geneva, we all come from different origins. Issued by the Y generation, we are complex but sincre and authentic in every single choice we make.


We are free

Quality has no price, so we do it for free and the worst is that we love that!


We remain simple

Because simple things are the best.


We spoil you

We are nothing without you. So, when we get good deals, we share it with you and we are happy when you enjoy it. That is what we call the family...



Enough talk, go on our social media to make your own opinion. We apologize but our post are exclusively in French, perhaps a good motivation to train your french knowledge.





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