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Color my Geneva and Uber become partners to facilitate your outings in Geneva

...It's one in the morning and you live in Bernex, getting home seams like a hassle. You had a Noctambus itinerary planned, but this last round of drinks juste made your plan out of reach. That's not a problem, just 2 clicks away your sweet ride home is waiting for you!
...It might also happen to you even if you don't live in the outskirts of Geneva. You'are going out for a drink and ending up setting the dance floor on fire without wanting to worry about how you will get home. Once again, Uber will fly to the rescue and will take you home safe and sound.
Color my Geneva, big defender of outings and parties in Geneva, could not find a better ambassadord to prove that going out in Geneva is for everyone! As of today, you will find on our website all the information you need to order your driver very easily. On the pages of your favourite events, activate your position, and within a second you will get a price estimate and waiting time. All you need to do is click on the Uber logo and you will be re-directed to their app.


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Also, we have a great surprise for Uber 1st time users:

Get a voucher of Chf 20.- for your first ride with the code colormygeneva