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Do It Youself in Geneva

do it yourself DIY - lifestyle - Genève - Septembre - 2018 - événement sortie soirée

DIYs are all the rage at the moment. Whether you like surrounding yourself with homemade goods or you want to reduce your waste, Geneva offers a variety of workshops. Learn how to make pretty much anything: from cosmetics and candles to clothes or personalized greeting cards, Geneva is getting crafty!


DIY Geneva is an association promoting an autonomous, ecological and budget-friendly lifestyle centered around the transmission of useful knowledge. The number of workshops they offer is impressive. Learn to fix your bike and to make your own cleaning products or cosmetics. DIY Geneva will also teach you how to bake your own bread, how to pick edible wild herbs and how to build your own garden.


If you live in les Pâquis, you’ve probably heard about Les Créateliers, an association which where many classes are available to awaken the artist in you: drawing, painting, jewelry making, knitting, sewing, pottery, they’ve got you covered.


Mélazic is the place to go if you’re into baking. There you can learn how to make whimsical cupcakes, sophisticated cakes or how to ice biscuits. Perfect if you want to make an impression at your next family gathering or surprise your friends for their birthdays. They also have workshops for children in Geneva and Lausanne.


At L’Atelier du Square, near le Pont du Mont-Blanc, discover the art of painting, drawing and embroidery in a fully equipped workshop and benefit from the advice of professional artists. They also have a class dedicated to upcycling and repurposing your old jewelry.


 Tini Letters was founded by Martina, a hand-lettering pro. She teaches calligraphy in Cossonay, but she is also available for private, on demand classes. A good way to spend a fun and creative afternoon with your friends, learning how to make personalized greeting cards, notebooks or home decor…


Article written by Mathilde M. – Jounalist at Color my Geneva, all rights reserved