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Historical Apero in Geneva

Historical Apero in Geneva

There are so many ways of how to spend evening in Geneva.

We would like to introduce you different type of leisure. It is something more than just having fun. To go to a museum may sound boring, but an apero in the museum is exciting. You drink cocktails, talk to people and participate in the different activities of the museums and enjoy intellectual cocktails too. The last Afterwork in MAH was attended by Isa (link)

Another intellectual leisure that we would like to share is series of historical aperos arranged by the professional historian, graduated from the University of Geneva Arnaud Bosch. He chooses cafes and bars in the centre, that could be easily reached.

In an escapist and facile manner, he narrates different episodes of Geneva old times. The last apero was dedicated to the schools in Geneva. Did you know that he festival “Promotion” that marks end of the school year was set up by Calvin?

Yes, only Geneva has special name for this event. Calvin who was against any festivity wanted to enhance prestige of the education.

You will know many other curious facts about the city you live in.  Arnaud is friendly and open to any questions and discussions

Try this new idea spending your time more constructively will provide you with more benefits in the long term.

The next subjects covered by Arnoud

History of prostitution in Geneva (October, 3. Café Slatkine 5 rue des Chaudronniers 1204 Genève)

Childhood in Geneva (October, 2. L`Accolade. 25. Rue de Veyrie)

You can follow the updated on the website.

All the presentations are in French


Natalie Kharadzhieva -journalist for Color My Geneva, all rights reserved