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The team

Color my Geneva, a modern-day fairy tale…


By the sweat of her brow, for six years Queen Samira has reigned over the kingdom of Color my Geneva, This magical, colorful land lies deep in the heart of the region of Geneva. There, citizenship is open to anyone and everyone who wants to drink deep of all that Geneva has to offer, every day.


To bring her fantasy to life, Queen Samira has surrounded herself with a team of advisors who are dynamic, passionate, and diverse – rather like Geneva, actually – who are united in their desire to prove that Geneva is a city with a lot to offer!


Samira oversees all the goings-on in the kingdom and seeks out new trends. Minh, his personal advisor, makes sure the foundations are reliable and sustainable. Sophie, minister of finance, makes sure that our costs never exceed our revenue. Marie, head of culture and leisure, publish new articles in our social networks. And Evelyn, as prime minister, pays careful attention to all our activities and ensures our social media always on top of its game. 

That said, it is always possible that on any given day, Minh takes over for Marie who is replacing Evelyn who is busy doing Sophie’s work…and yes, we are still a developing country – or, if you like, a really awesome start-up.


The Color my Geneva team is a veritable kaleidoscope, composed of:


  • Samira, a voice that is passionate, motivated and ambitious. 

  • Minh, the precise look of a conscientious being.

  • Sophie, a sincere and enthusiastic smile, and a generous soul.

  • Evelyn, a keen sense of hearing and always with wit and wisdom to share.

  • Marie, an artistic eye and a calm but bold personality.


  • All of you, 6 years old, an inspiring and diverse community who always hungers for more and drives us forward on our quest.


All of us are part of Generations X and Y, and we share your values, which is what keeps us relevant for you each day.