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Global Migration Film Festival



A busy doctor sails across the Atlantic from Gibraltar to Ascension Island - fulfilling a life dream, at last. But everything changes as she approaches a damaged, overloaded boat of migrants and refugees, pleading for their lives as the seas turn rough. Instictively, she begins to organise help to save these people from drowning. But her efforts are in vain. Styx depicts a woman's transformation as she is abruptly torn away from her comfortable life, and as she realises the limits of her own importance and of the empathy her world is capable of. 

"Should a lone yachtswoman act when authorities tell her to sail away? Wolfgang Fischer's drama steers into Europe's migrant influx with conviction." -The Guardian

  • The film (2018, 94 minutes, in English with French and German subtitles) will be followed by a panel discussion.
  • The screening is part of the Global Migration Film Festival and it is organised in partnership with the Geneva Graduate Institute.
  • Entry is free, but seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. 



Global Migration Film Festival

Free entry
Auditorium Ivan Pictect, Maison de la paix
2 Chemin Eugène-Rigot
1202 Genève
18H30 - 21H30