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5 must-see places on the right bank of Geneva

10 must-see places on the right bank of Geneva

This is the second part of our article published 2 weeks ago. Today we explore the right bank (rive droite) of Geneva!


1. The botanical garden


Did you know that the botanical garden used to be in Parc des Bastions? It was moved to the right bank in 1904. Every Thursday, the city of Geneva organises a "Gardener’s visit" guided by a specialized gardener with a new theme every week.


Tip: Tired of the cold? In search of something exotic? Visit the warm greenhouse filled with cacti and exotic plants.


2. The "Perle du Lac"


Follow the right bank of the lake out of the Paquis and you will find the “Perle du Lac” park (pearl of the lake). Did you know it’s called "Perle du Lac" because Hans Wildorf’s wife, the founder of Rolex, exclaimed, "This is the pearl of the lake!" In any case, from May to September you will find "La Barge des Sciences" with deck chairs viewing the lake, drinks, tapas and a cultural and musical programing.


Tip: "CineTransat" is held in the park all summer long for movie viewings under the stars. The 2017 edition will span from July 13th to August 20th.


3. The Pâquis


I won’t talk to you about the Pâquis reputation, way too cliché! What I will talk about though is the multiculturalism that has developed there over time. These past years have witnessed the creation of several bars and restaurants, with a special mention to "El Catrin" that makes delicious tacos (the real deal!).


Tip: For something more traditional go visit "Bain des Pâquis". You can go there even in winter and have their fondue. Not a fan of cheese? Not a problem, they serve several other delicious dishes. A typically Genevan place!


4. Saint-Gervais


A working class neighbourhood filled with history, the Saint-Gervais district used to be a part of Geneva’s old town reunited with the current one behind one same wall. Today it’s a neighbourhood filled with little cafes, bars and restaurants.


Tip: The "Apér’ô Terreau" (6 rue Terreaux-du-Temple, 1201 Geneva) organised by the Collective for a rich, live and diversified nightlife ("Collectif pour une vie nocturne riche, vivante et diversifiée"), an association that defends good quality nightlife for young people in Geneva. The entrance is free and drinks are cheap. Perfect for students amongst others!


5. Wine tasting


For the wine lovers, Geneva has many vineyards. Russin, Satigny, Dardagny and La Plaine have the best vineyards on the right bank. Amongst others, you will find the "Domaine du Paradis", one of the largest vineyards in Geneva with over 22 different wines.


Tip: "Les Caves Ouvertes de Genève" that we wait for impatiently each year. A great occasion to taste our local wines! The next edition will be held Saturday May 20th from 10am to 5pm.







Letizia P. – Journaliste pour Color my Geneva, tous droits réservés.