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Artgeneve – annual expo in Geneva, where visitors can buy pieces of art, see the trends of the market, and just be inspired. It has started 9 years ago. In 2020 95 galleries participated in the fair. Quality and  intimacy are the features of the art show in Geneva.

Artgeneve became bourgeois and magnific. Even the bars and restaurants were designed sumptuously.

Artgeneve invited different reputable artists. David Shringley was among them. Amazing, brutal and controversial sculptures and drawings were borrowed from a private collector.  My favourite is the sculpture that hates itself - skull with the number 65 on it.

Big space was dedicated to the works of Mario Merz who died in 2003. Mario Merz was a part of “art-povetra” movement. His works are held in different museums, including Tate museum in London. To have Mario Merz installation in Geneva means a high level of the show and it also means that not each and every gallery can participate.

Different institutions and museums were presented in the fair. MAMCO concept was amazing. The first day their stand was empty and the museum was buying every day something from the galleries and put on the wall as a result. So, the visitors could see what MAMCO has chosen.

The new art space from Lausanne Platforme 10 was presented by the swing. Same type can be found on a playground.  Any visitor could use it as my 5 years old son did. When one moves forward a picture in front of you is getting bigger.

This year PALEXPO was the main space, but also events were happening in the town. A traditional art journey in the city centre was organized. Fusion of music and art during concert “Encores” was realised in Victoria Hall.

Thank you for reading my article. For those who have read it to the end I have a small present -14, February Platform 10 will open its doors by the big exposition of Klimt, Schiele, and Kokoschka.  

See you in Lausanne


Natalia Kharadzhieva four Color My Geneva