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Carouge’s candy wonderland

Carouge Candy shop - découverte - Genève février 2019 - événements sorties soirées

If you like candy as much as we do, this article is for you. In the heart of Carouge, Jellyfish is a cute little shop filled with candies from all of Europe. But these candies are not your usual industrial sweets. Jellyfish’s products are made from natural flavours and conservatives, such as vinegar. What is more, candies suitable for vegans and vegetarians are available, as well as gluten and lactose free options.


It is passion and pleasure that motivate Jellyfish’s owner, Ophélie Baumberger, to look for innovations and to keep her customers satisfied. She regularly challenges herself to create new recipes. She even created her own candy floss mixture made from 100% organic strawberries and sugar. Her homemade fudge is made from Gruyère double cream and are Color my Geneva’s favourite. A must-try if you have a sweet tooth!


Ophélie also offers a “candy catering” service for events and parties. For children’s birthday parties you can get an assortment of mystery sweets. Kids then have to guess the flavours (From 3.50 a piece). Jellyfish also provides sweets for weddings and baby showers (from 5.50 a piece). And if you’re extra, a “candy bar” is available for rent. You don’t what to choose? Head over to Jellyfish where Ophélie will gladly help you make up your mind.


Jellyfish – 20 rue St-Joseph, Carouge


Article written by Marine B and translated by Mathilde M. – Journalists for Color my Geneva, all rights reserved.