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The Christmas Gift could different

The Christmas Gift could different

The Christmas Gift could different

We all have so many ideas and so many ways how to spend time and money in Christmas rash. We are busy with festive routine buying gifts. Why not to consider to share love by helping somebody in need?

If you or your friends would like to make a gift or transfer the money in your name you can choose one of the reputable associations that are based in Geneva.

Association DETI is aimed to support orphans in Ukraine. DETI works with the educational centre in Odessa that provides pedagogical and social services. They prefer to give rod instead of fish. This association get the money by making interesting events. The last one has happened in the famous modern art gallery Scopia. There was a private party in presence of artist Pierre Schwerzmann with the small concert. The suppliers offered food and drinks for free. All the money was sent to Ukraine. If you want to support orphans in Ukraine, you can donate any amount to this association

There is another association aimed to support children 15-25 years who lost themselves, who are outsiders in the society. This group of people get together to work preventively with the kids who are not accepted. The association invite the kids to participate in the theatre. They produce amazing presentations every year. It takes almost 10 months of rehearsals. You can imagine what an inner work is committed.  The kids turn the pain into power.  This social project is supported by the city but partially and they are happy to be donated

If you want to spend your time and efforts for people in need you may want to join one of the Christmas activities organized by the association “Serve the city”. They are famous mostly among expats and run by expats but in cooperation with the local volunteering organisations. We know that normally they have a waiting list of those who willing to help.

We wish you Merry Christmas and fantastic New Year


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