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Free activities for Kids this summer


Here are some new ideas and places NOT to miss this summer in Geneva ! From exciting museums and child-friendly art exhibitions to fun-filled parks and fascinating landmarks...


I will start off with our amazing library, which prepares each year wonderful activities in the parks of the city. I’ve been to several workshops and I must say that the people who work with the kids are very helpful and patient. Please go check out the variety of activitiesthey propose on their events calendar


Not only can the library be found in the parks, they’ve also sent their Ludobus for roadshows ! The bus is full of games, dolls, bicycles, boarding games etc. Link to the schedule.


The Centre d’Art Contemporain de Genève invites you and your kids to their wonderful workshops. Firstly, you visit and discover their temporary exhibition titled « When language seeks its other » with a guide. Secondly, the kids get a chance to create their own piece of art. For free ! 


When the sky is so clear that you can see all the stars in the sky…If you’re ready for this incredible experience, Astropleiades is for you ! The kids will never forget this experience ! 


Brave enough to go hiking with your kids ? Why not explore the Salève with its many different routes but rewards.


I wish you a fantastic summer !


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Natalia K. - Journalist for Color my Geneva, all rights reserved

Photo Creds : Pixabay