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Geneva by Mathilde #1

Geneva by Mathilde - sélection - Genève mars 2019 - événements sorties soirées


Hi there! My name is Mathilde and I’m a journalist for Color my Geneva. Every other month, I’m going to share with you three new places that caught my attention. With colder weather comes the need to enjoy the season’s opportunities for self-care and treats. That’s why today’s selection revolves around two themes: tasty food and local products.


Michael’s Cookies

Fancy a hot drink and a sweet treat? Michael’s Cookies is the place to go. Their cookies are baked on the spot with swiss ingredients: eggs from Céligny, flour from Aubonne and Favarger chocolate. At two francs a piece (three for gluten free), they make the prefect on the go snack with a cup of tea or coffee. Michael’s cookies are also a great gift for friends, family or co-workers. They are thick and soft and come in a variety of flavors. Are you tempted?


(CLOSED) Valya

Healthy food shops are opening everywhere and it’s a trend we’re not ready to let go. However, not all food deemed healthy is actually good for you. Industrially produced goods might look ok and actually be loaded with sugar and conservatives, a no-go for both our health and the environment. If you care about both of these things, Valya offers organic and seasonal meals that are lactose and gluten free. They have both hot and cold dishes (with or without meat), as well as desserts, smoothies and fresh juices. If you think eating healthy is boring, Valya will prove you wrong with their flavorful recipes. Cherry on top: all of their packaging is biodegradable. Valya is good for you and the environment!


Oh Martine !

Oh Martine! is the new place to be. Good coffee and a welcoming décor are waiting for you on the route de Chêne, if you fancy a few hours of calm to work, read or daydream. Getting hungry? Their cookies or banana bread are the perfect snack. If you go there at lunch time you will be able to try one of their original toasts. Forget the traditional avocado on toast and get the Viva Canada, a large slice of grilled bread covered with avocado, bacon, an egg and maple syrup. A surprising mix that is super tasty and made with quality ingredients. What is more, the toasts are highly instagrammable. Oh Martine! also serves brunch on Sundays.


Have you tried any of these places? I’d love to know!


Mathilde M. – Journalist for Color my Geneva, all rights reserved

Cover picture by Laura F.