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Great "Châteaux" of Geneva

Great "Châteaux" of Geneva

Over the course of its long history, Geneva has seen a number of monuments erected throughout its territory, many of which are still standing today. Among these are counted many châteaux. Scattered throughout the canton, these great homes, some adorned with dungeons, were mostly built during the course of the 18th century or before. Inspired by French architecture, they generally comprise a main building (sometimes with two wings) outbuildings and grounds. Color my Geneva is pleased to invite you to enjoy a refreshing walk through the fields to (re)discover these bastions of cultural heritage.


Château de Feuillasse

Erected atop a hill and bordered by an oak forest, Château Feuillasse was originally built as a fortress as early as the 15th century. Acquired by a Genevan family by the name of Lect in 1528, it was subsequently enlarged and modified to resemble the château as it appears today. Over time the château passed from owner to owner, and it is currently owned and operated by Geneva’s Hospice Général, which uses it to house refugees. Visitors may admire the château from the outside, during the course of a wander through its grounds, which are open to the public.

Avenue de Feuillasse, 1217 Meyrin

Château El Masr

Built towards the end of the 19th century in Cologny, this Tudor-style château boasts a medieval dungeon, an observation tower, and a richly adorned main building. It comprises Baroque and Neo-Classical elements, such as cherubs, stained-glass windows, and arcades. Currently privately held by an Iranian entrepreneur who has undertaken a series of major renovations, this château is not open to visitors.  

Chemin de la Fraidieu 4, 1223 Cologny

Château de Choully

Erected around 1720 upon the Choully plateau, this lovely home offers a formidable view across the Genevan valley below. Built in the Classical style, one interesting feature of this château is its suite of rooms formally aligned in enfilade, with each doorway placed on a single axis. The grounds are almost entirely composed of vineyards, which only serve to make this château more beautiful in our eyes. This home also boasts a most famous guest, having hosted Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, who spent the night here once following a reception at which she was the guest of honor. Although this home is not available for visits, it is possible to rent one of its rooms for a private reception.


Route du Crêt-de-Choully 29, 1242 Satigny

Château du Crest

With its foundations dating back to 1220 on the estate of the Bishop of Geneva, then lord of the region, this medieval-inspired château is found in Jussy and bears a rather tumultuous history. It was a key article of the negotiations surrounding the Reformation, and as the commander of the castle positioned himself against the (victorious) Calvinists, the property was destroyed by Protestant troops shortly after the Escalade in order to keep it from falling into enemy (Savoyard) hands.This château is an important part of Geneva’s identity, and although it is not open to visitors it is possible to rent rooms here for private receptions, and wine from its vineyards can be purchased on site.

Route du Château-du-Crest 40, 1254 Jussy



Quentin A. - Journalist for Color my Geneva