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One of our favorites by CmG: 5 places to grab a beer

One of our favorites by CmG: 5 places to grab a beer

The sun is finally back (and hopefully it will stick around for a while) and that means the terraces are beginning to appear again. Nothing goes better with a sun-drenched terrace than a good happy hour…and that means beer! One of the most popular and widely consumed beverages in the world, we think it is definitely worthy of a write-up. Although you can find beer just about everywhere, we’d like to share with you a few of our favorite watering holes in hopes that you’ll like them as much as we do.

First, the Brasserie du Virage. Brand new in Geneva, this little spot brings together five brewer friends who employ traditional brewing techniques from different countries. Here you’ll be able to find, among others, Pale Ale, white beer, table beer, seasonal beer, and even a few surprises. And every first Thursday of the month, you can even enjoy a beer-tasting. 

Brasserie du Virage | Chemin de Maronsy 50, Plan-les-Ouates

The 19eme is a beer grotto located in Carouge. Here you are sure to find something to tickle your tastebuds, from the wide selection of domestic and import beers. The 19eme has a vast selection including more than 200 bottles of import beers, as well as a stellar team and affordable prices – like their 5 CHF pint of the Beer of the Month. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, here’s a bonus: you can even order your beer to go!

19eme | Rue Ancienne 19, Carouge

Ah, the one we never talk about anymore: Les Brasseurs! Although present in several Swiss cities, it is our beautiful Geneva that was actually home to the very first location of this artisanal brewery. All the beers are brewed on site, and you can even observe the process up close. White, blond, and amber beers are on tap, as well as « the special » which changes with the times and seasons.

Les Brasseurs | Place de Cornavin 20, Genève

A favorite for students, L’éléphant dans la canette offers a large choice of beers, from the classics to other lesser-known options. No fewer than 26 different beers are available on tap or in the bottle. For those who want to try something new, ask the bartender for a recommendation. Brown, blond, red, white, or amber – there’s something here for every palate!

L’éléphant dans la canette | Avenue du Mail 18, Genève

One of the old favorites of the Old Town is Le Roi Ubu. Small in size, but ample in its offering of beers, this is one of Geneva’s oldest pubs. Well-known for a choice of world beers which will entice the most adventurous drinkers, the jolly ambiance which reigns will make you want to stay until Last Call. An open terrace in the summertime means you can even enjoy your beer al fresco if you like.

Le Roi Ubu | Grand-Rue 30, Genève

And, just because we like you, here’s a little bonus: a few typical Genevan beers for you to try.

  • La bière des Murailles, brewed in the tiny village of Corsinge, with beers by such charming names as La Sorcière (the witch), La Meurtrière (the murderer) ou La Catapulte (the catapult).
  • Beers from the artisanal brewery with quite an evocative name: Glouglou. Among others, you’ll find la Trux Orcus, la Rouste or la Torgnole.
  • Geneva’s best-known local brew: Calvinus. Born in Geneva, this beer was brewed for the first time at the foot of the Reformation Wall.
  • Original beers from Carouge such as the Carougeoise, the Daisy Tutti Frutti or the Suicide Blonde, available at the Brasserie des Tours.


And there you have it, everything you need to discover the best beers in town. Obviously, this list is not exhaustive – there are plenty of other great beers and bars out there too.


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Audrey R. Journalist for Color my Geneva