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Salon De Cartigny-Geneva 04.11.2019

Salon De Cartigny-Geneva 04.11.2019

Musee d`art et d`histoire invites us to discover gems of neoclassicism in Salon De Cartigny.  Salon De Cartigny is a part of the permanent exposition on the 0 floor of the museum and has 60 pieces of art. You can visit the exposition during the working hours of the museum.  All the objects are from the castle Cartigny that is in canton Geneva.

Neoclassicism as a style drew inspiration from the classical arts from Pompeii in Italy. And the Grand tours – traditional voyage of the aristocracy in Europe.  Neoclassicism always refers to the art inspired by antiquity.

Jacob David Duval - owner of the castle Cartigny lived in St. Petersburg and was inspired by Antiquity that was very popular in XVIII century. He invited the sculpture and architecture Jean Jaquet from Pregny who designed the Salon in 1875. The funny thing is that the museum bought all the decorations in 1905 before its inauguration in 1910. 

Among the highlights there are jewellery, military attributes, tableware, furniture. And even a dress that looks very simple light and “natural”. The silhouette of the dress follows the architectural classical geometry with its straight lines. There are a wide belt and a fan with the scenes of antiquity and lira – musical instrument that was very popular among aristocracy at that time.

The exposition is not big but representative and allows a visitor to see influence of neoclassicism on different aspects of life of XIX century.

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