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Solidarity in a box of chocolate

Showing solidarity with a box of chocolate


In the bleak reality and lockdown of the citizens of Geneva, solidarity and support from many companies is offering a glimmer of hope and dignity.


Chocolate producer « Sweetzerland » based in Geneva, has sent 150 boxes of chocolate to HUG (Geneva University Hospital). Like most, their shop has had to shut its doors, yet in the midst of this turmoil, the brand has found it necessary to deliver their products to those who are currently working on the frontline : hospital workers.


The manager explains that the company puts all its energy and passion into creating exceptional products and that during this tough period, they chose to support those on the frontline, with free chocolate. A way to express their gratitude and show solidarity.


Although, chocolate isn’t a basic need, it represents much more than just a sweet dish. It is a gesture. High quality handmade chocolate made of the finest ingredients can make people feel special. Offered with care, they will light up someone’s day.  


« Sweetzerland's » shop is now online. Employees wear protective masks and gloves, to ensure their protection and the customers’. The company has adapted to the new rules and knows its responsibilities, in order to continue to follow its main goal, which is to supply high quality chocolate and great customer service.