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Travel to the USA while staying in Geneva

USA flag

Geneva is as cosmopolitan as it is multicultural. That’s why Color my Geneva has decided to honor the many different cultures which rub up against each other every day in our great city, by highlighting different cultural circuits around town. To kick off our series, we have decided to scour the city on a quest to discover the USA in Geneva.



You’ll hear it from every dietician – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We take our health seriously at Color my Geneva, so off we went to Happy Days Coffee for a meal worthy of the name breakfast. Here you will find an impressive menu including bagels, French toast, pancakes, and good old eggs with bacon. On the weekend, you can also try out the Happy Days Breakfast made up of a combination of different dishes.


Chemin de Pont Ceard 12 – 1290 Versoix


For lunch, we find ourselves transported back to the 1950s at American Dream Diner. Jukebox, black and white checkerboard floor, and red patent-leather booths all conspire to give a particularly authentic look and feel to this restaurant. Here you can sample 100% American dishes like burgers, onions rings, hot dogs, and milkshakes to name a few, all served by a wait staff in classic diner uniforms, which fit perfectly with the rest of the 50s ambiance.


Rue de Neuchâtel 13, 1201 Genève 


If it’s 4 o’clock and you’re starting to get a little hungry, why not head over to Cuppin’s tea room for a delicious cupcake or two. Here you’ll find a number of flavors like vanilla, Nutella, caramel, and more, and you can choose from two sizes: large and small. For those who would like to make their own cakes at home, Cuppin’s offers cooking courses and workshops on the lower level, for children and adults.


Rue de la Terrassière 13, 1207 Genève


To finish our day as nicely as we started it, there’s nothing better than a hot dog to feel a little bit like a New Yorker at heart. The Hot Dog Faktory revisits this classic dish with the best possible ingredients. Everything is artisanally made, from the bun to the toppings, including the meat, which is guaranteed 100% Swiss. In addition to the different versions available on the menu, you can also choose “the selfie” which is a totally unique version of the hot dog – you decide how it’s made!


Rue Rousseau 14, 1201 Genève


And for those who would like to bring a little bit of America home with them, you’ll find all you could dream of at American Market. Food, drinks, gifts, accessories, and more – you’ll feel transported to the land of Lincoln without having to pay for that super-expensive plane ticket!


Rue de Neuchâtel 13, 1201 Genève (upstairs from American Dream Diner)