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Special Educational Needs Conference


From Disability to Possibility:

The Power of the Inclusive Classroom

Supporting and Empowering Students and Teachers 

This year our conference will focus on Inclusive Education of children and youth with special educational needs in the Mainstream classrooms. Dr Schwarz will provide insights, research and practical tools and solutions on how to best provide the learning opportunity for all students involved. Participants will benefit from expanding their knowledge on what works in the Inclusive Classroom, have the opportunity to share experiences and understand they are not alone in this incredible opportunity they have when students with differing learning needs are in their classrooms.
With the goal of building lifelong skills, Dr Schwarz offers authentic processes and supports that help educators plan lessons and units while at the same time embracing students' interests and passions, working toward students' dreams, promoting leadership, self-advocacy, self-determination, and membership in both school and the community. With an overview of supports and compelling stories of how they have helped real students in real classrooms, Dr Schwarz empowers educators to combine the science and art of teaching all learners. This motivating and empowering workshop gives everyone hope, direction, and inspiration to turn learning possibility into educational success!


  • To define inclusive education and provide examples of an inclusive education model.
  • To give rationales why inclusive education is important for a student's current and future educational situation.
  • To define and give examples of successful inclusive education supports including universal design for learning, differentiation and student accommodations.
  • To delineate successful examples of planning processes that make the inclusive education model work.
  • To identify inclusive education components participants can currently add to their own educational practice.
  • To engage in reflective practice and research

Special Educational Needs Conference

CHF 195
Centre des arts
Salle de concert
62 route de Chêne
1208 Geneva
08H30 - 15H45