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Symposium: Realistic Differentiation


Ecolint Symposiums take place throughout the year. They begin with a presentation by the speaker of the day and are followed by an apéritif. The sociable moment we spend together discussing pedagogy is as important as the talk itself and contributes to Ecolint’s tradition of open exchange and spirit of lifelong learning.

This session is focussed on practical methods of differentiation which we can use in our lessons on a day to day basis. There will be a brief review of differentiation types with some suggestions for implementation which will then springboard into a group discussion of best practice.

Carrie Douglass-Rose is Head of English at Campus des Nations Secondary School, International School of Geneva. She previously taught at the Heathland School in the UK.

Symposium: Realistic Differentiation

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Ecole Internationale de Genève - Campus des Nations
11 Route des Morillons
1218 Le Grand-Saconnex
17H00 - 19H00