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WEEK-END GENEVE.AR-Geneva-15, November 2019

WEEK-END GENEVE.AR-Geneva-15, November 2019


Protuberant event in art life of Geneva is going to happen 16.11-17.11 from 11:00 to 18:00.  The galleries and museums will take part in WEEK-END GENEVE.ARTQuartier des Bains together with GENEVE l’Art and the galleries of old town (Vieille Ville) open their doors to public. The program is declared to be suggestive and eclectic. Some galleries such as Wilde, Xippas , Gowen Contemporary offer photo expositions, the others show paintings.  It is a good opportunity to see multimedia pieces of art in Ferme de la Chapelle. MAMCO will introduce the series of the new expositions of Martin Barré, Rosemarie Castoro, Irma Blank and Arnulf Rainer. Vernissage of exposition 1984 dedicated to WEEK-END GENEVE.ART will present several artists Sylvain Croci-Torti, Guillaume Pilet, Delphine Renault, Baker Wardlaw feat. Frédéric Gabioud and Arthur Fouray in Galerie Joy de Rouvre.

It is also the last days of amazing photo exposition in Maison Tavel «Pionniers de la photographie en Suisse Romande».  

Team of Color My Geneva hopes to visit most of the galleries. We have some “pitstops” that attract us by description.  Le Centre d’Art Contemporain presents environmental installation byRicardo Benassi «Morestalgia». The installation implicates the text of daily life of Benassi. Messages last only 24 hours and created by the artist. The installation with such a name Morestalgia is about nostalgia for age in the urban context, interrelations. And we do not want to miss the last chance to see the exhibition in Galerie Mezzanin. Fragile and delicate pieces of art by Etti Abergel. It is personal narration of the artist that combines text, images, objects.

We recommend you to prepare the “map” of your itineraries in advance

For your information Musées d’art et d’histoire does not have any special events though it is mentioned among the participants

We are looking forward to hear from you about what you liked mostly!

List of the galleries you can find on the website of the event


Natalia Kharadzhieva four Color My Geneva