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Exhibition : Under the Skin. Vienna 1900.

Exhibition : Under the Skin. Vienna 1900.

The new museum in Lausanne Platforme10 is reopened by “Under the skin. Vienna 1999”.

The new building looks like a big white parallelepiped situated next to 20th century grey building of the train station. Being constructed to represent fine arts Platfome 10 has halls, wide vestibule, high ceilings. 

Reopening new museum was marked by the exhibition dedicated to Vienna Secession. The brightest names that are marked on the poster are Gustav Klimt, Oscar Kokoshka, Egon Schiele. 

First of all I would like to mention amazing work of the curators. The pieces of art are represented in a logical way and allow a visitor to understand the concept and the artists that were so different. 

The exhibition starts with the dress of princess Sissi, who died in Geneva. So you would understand the starting point of the movement and how much it change the society.  

The drawings made by Klimt are so feminine and erotic and the Schielle’s are full of strain. 

There a few oil paintings that make us go deeply into details and do not distract. Somebody can open for themselves another names of Vienna Secession such as Mosser, Richard Gerlst that are not so widely known.  You can also find sign of the times such as a book of anatomy 

The exhibition is situated on two floors and on the second floor you can find furniture. Which are actually prototypes of those you can find today in Ikea and at your own home. 

When you enter the second floor a couch of Freud will “greet” you. It is the time when psychoanalyses has been started. 


The exhibition is on until May 24th. 

Entrance fee is 20 CHF

Working hours 10:00-18:00

5 minutes walk from the train station


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Natalia Kharadzhieva - Journalist for Color my Geneva, all rights reserved

Art Credits : Goldfish, 1902, by Gustav Klimt